STIHL SHOP offer a variety of STIHL Brushcutters, for all manner of grass cutting, weed control, garden care, and lawn maintenance jobs.

Our selection of Brushcutters and Linetrimmers cover all jobs and uses, ranging from home, lifestyle block, farm, commercial, and professional.
The high-performance engines and sophisticated practical features of our range of STIHL Brushcutters and Linetrimmers provide the right tool for any job.


Handy and lightweight, STIHL Linetrimmers are ideal for property maintenance. Mow large areas of lawn or trim tight spaces with ease.

Lifestyle Block

In the STIHL range of Brushcutters there is a product to suit every terrain. From trimming lawn edges to thinning tough scrub, these powerful and ergonomic models handle every job with ease.


Tough scrub, gnarled bushes and large areas of grass are mastered comfortably and economically with poweful STIHL Brushcutters.

STIHL commercial and farming Brushcutters are powerful enough to take on those bigger grass and weed cutting jobs – often needed on farms and commercial areas.


These powerful STIHL Brushcutters are ideal for professionals with their extreme robustness, excellent operational comfort and ideally tailored performance.